Chasing M2

The M2 is Chasing’s new line of commercial underwater drones set to target scientific exploration, hull and dock inspection, aquaculture inspection, even search and rescue. With an option now of swapping out batteries and removable sd card, you’ll never go home without accomplishing your task. The advanced 8 thruster patented anti-stuck motor technology greatly reduces failure probability. The 8 thrusters allow you to perform omni movement in all directions, moving both lateral and at a 90 degree angle to get those hard to reach hull shots. And to top it off, you can attach a grabber claw to the Chasing M2 for treasure hunting. This is a great underwater drone that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks! The Chasing M2 is able to film in 4k resolution with a 152 degree field of view with a F1.8 lens, rated to dive 330 feet down.

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